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Updated on Monday 05th February 2018

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accounting_services_in_dubai.jpgNowadays many companies decide to expand their businesses abroad, Dubai being one of the most attractive destinations because it offers a good environment for startups and branch offices or subsidiaries, as well.

Accounting and bookkeeping are key-components in running a business, so our specialists in Dubai offer you complete accounting services.

Our accountants in Dubai will help you focus on your company by handling all your business accounts in order to ensure its proper running. We provide you with complete management accounting services, allowing you to save money on in-house accounting. You can save money on the recruitment process, salaries and benefits that in Dubai can be quite expensive and redirect the money toward improving your business.

The video below shows the main accounting services available for clients in Dubai:


Our accountants in Dubai use the latest technology in accounting so we can provide you transparent financial and accounting information. If you decide to outsource the accounting services of your business in Dubai, you can be sure your data is being handled by our experts and professionals. We provide you with information and advice that can help you stay out of tax related legal penalties and issues, allowing you to save time and money. We provide you a wide range of accounting services according to the business laws in Dubai.

What types of accounting services we offer

We are compliant with the local regulatory requirements and we can provide you the accounting services tailored to your business needs. Our company can help you organize and monitor all your accounting and legal documentation, giving you the opportunity to choose between handing us over your accounting totally or partially. We can prepare your balance sheet, income statement and notes, we can review and correct any accounting document, implement external audits, advise you on management and prognostication, strategic management like auditing, evaluation, reviews of provisional accounts.

Our team can guarantee the quality of accounting and financial information. We can help you with the preparation of individual corporate and consolidated financial statements in accordance with international and local reporting standards and regulations. We can also make forecasts, budgets and projections regarding your company’s future. We can advise you on Commercial Companies Law related matters, free zones and regulations, the import-export processes and duties.

Taxation in Dubai

In order to understand why accounting services are needed, foreign investors should know that 2017 was an important year marked by two main fiscal reforms in the UAE. The first one is the introduction of the excise tax which became effective last year and the second one is the introduction of the value added tax (VAT).

The excise tax is levied on certain products, which carbonated drinks and tobacco products.

The value added tax is applicable to all products and services, with a few exceptions. Our company registration agents can explain how the VAT and excise tax are levied in Dubai.

Foreign investors who have opened or plan to open a company in Dubai must now register for VAT, case in which our accountants can help.

Even with the introduction of these taxes, Dubai remains an attractive jurisdiction from a taxation point of view, as there are no corporate or income taxes, apart from those in the oil and gas and banking sectors.

Foreign investors can also set up companies in Dubai free zones and can benefit from accounting services offered by our consultants.

Contact us for further details about the accounting services in Dubai. With the help of our local accountants, you can benefit from advice and representation in order to upraise your company's competitiveness in the Emirates business market.


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