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Dubai Launched First Social Media Platform for E-commerce

Written by: Bridgewest

Dubai-launched-first-social-media-platform-for-e-commerceKnowing how important the internet has become for companies in Dubai, the Department of Economic Development (DED) issued the first regulations on carrying out business activities on the internet through social media. The regulations have double standards: the first implies transparency when doing business and the second one is intended for the protection of the consumers. Our company incorporation consultants in Dubai can assist foreign enterprisers seeking to open companies in the emirate.

What does the e-Trader initiative consist in?

E-Trader is the name of the recent set of regulations issued by the Dubai Trade Register which will be overseen by the Business Registration and Licensing unit in the DED and will first target Dubai residents and businessmen from countries within the Gulf Cooperation Council.

E-Trader is a platform itself and it offers various facilities to online businesses registering with it. Among these an e-commerce platform and a marketing channel. The platform will allow clients of online shops to buy products and services through social media channels in a safe and transparent manner.

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E-Trader will also help companies in Dubai

The platform is not dedicated to consumers only, as it is also meant to increase sustainability and offer more tools to Dubai companies operating here. E-Trader should also ease the activities of companies and a less known fact is that it is meant to offer better intellectual property protection for company brands. The license issued by e-Trader will remove infringement risks on reserved business names or any other type of intellectual property rights.

During the first phase of the launch of e-Trader, the DED wants to prepare several awareness campaigns among customers and business owners. Secondly, those who want to register with the platform must submit their IDs, information on their activities and accounts or the social media platform through which the products are marketed.

Around 3,000 business owners are expected to register with e-Trader this year.

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