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Dubai, One of the World's Most Affordable Cities in Terms of Luxury Real Estate

Written by: Bridgewest

Dubai-one-of-the-most-affordable-cities-in-the-world-in-terms-of-luxury-real-estateInvestors seeking for new business opportunities on the global real estate market can now turn towards Dubai rather than New York in terms of affordability. And when speaking of the real estate market in Dubai, one could refer to the luxury residential market which sought by the richest individuals in the world. Our company incorporation agents in Dubai can assist foreign investors interested in starting a business in the real estate industry in this emirate.

Dubai has outranked New York in terms of cheap real estate properties in 2016

No matter the price of a house, condo or apartment, Dubai remains one of the most desired destinations in the world for the rich who want to live here. Whether for doing business or simply enjoying an opulent lifestyle, the luxury residential market in Dubai is now more affordable than in other parts of the world.

At global level, Dubai ranked 10th in terms of property investment in 2016. This is because even if worldwide the sale price per square meter rose considerably last year, in Dubai the growth was only registered in prime areas such as Burj Khalifa, the Palm, the Dubai Marina and the Emirates Hills.

When it comes to the most expensive cities in the world, Dubai took the 8th place last year, after New York, Hong Kong and London. Also, Dubai offers better conditions for accommodation and work-related expenses.

What recommends Dubai as a prime real estate investment destination?

Dubai has one of the best infrastructures in the world and some of the most competitive prices on real estate property in comparison to other countries. The increasing number of foreign citizens coming to work or open a company in Dubai also contributes to a higher demand for property. As Expo 2020 is approaching, land prices are expected to grow which is why investors had better be on the watch on the current offers.

In the near future, rentals will most likely bring one of the most stable income to investors purchasing properties in Dubai at this point. This is possible because compared to other cities, the real estate market in Dubai is 7 times more developed than in other large cities all over the world.

For assistance in setting up a business in any industry connected to real estate, do not hesitate to contact our Dubai company formation advisors. We can also assist foreign investors interested in acquiring a commercial property in Dubai.



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