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The Number of Companies Registered in DIFC Rose by 6.2% in the First Half of 2017

Written by: Bridgewest

DIFC-registers-62-increase-in-number-of-companies-set-up-in- the-first-half-of-the-yearThe Dubai International Financial Centre Free Zone, simply known as the DIFC, is the most prolific free zones of the emirate, according to a recent survey which shows the number of companies registered here during the first half of the year rose by 6.2%. Foreign investors who want to open companies in the DIFC can rely on our Dubai company formation consultants.

Close to 2,000 companies were registered in DIFC in the first half of 2017

The Dubai International Financial Centre attracts thousands of investors on a yearly basis, yet the first half of this year was a significantly better one than past few years because 1,750 companies were registered here. This represents a 6.2% increase in the number of active business licenses obtained by companies.

Mostly known for its financial activities, the DIFC also registered an increase in the number of financial institutions here which rose to 463. The workforce within the Dubai free zone also increased by 21,628 employees during the first half this year.

The growth on all levels seems by be based on progress related to the infrastructure and the legislation in the DIFC. Apart from the physical infrastructure, DIFC also launched FinTech Hive, the first financial technology innovation hub.

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DIFC is first in the MENA region in terms of business environment

And not only business environment, but also infrastructure and human resources. According to the governor of the Dubai free zone, the DIFC will not be surpassed any time soon by other financial centers in the region as by 2024 the free zone will rank among the top 10 financial hubs in the world.

Since the beginning of the year the free zone’s commercial spaces capacity increased by 144,000 square feet. Other major projects include the Gate Avenue which is underway and will be opened in 2018 and the Exchange Building which is also under construction and will be ready at the beginning of next year. The latest addition to the DIFC will be the Gate Village.

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