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Create a Company for Manufacturing Food Products in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 05th September 2017

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Create-a-company-for-the-manufacture-of-food-products-in-DubaiEven if oil and gas are the main products manufactured and sold in Dubai, the manufacturing industry is comprised of several other branches. One of these branches which now successfully competes with the oil and gas one is the manufacture of food products.

Foreign investors seeking to open a business for the manufacture of food products in Dubai must comply with several regulations. Our Dubai company formation agents can assist with the registration process of a food manufacturing company.

Registering a food manufacturing business in Dubai

Foreign investors can set up businesses for the manufacture of food products in Dubai or in one of the free zones, with the advantage that free zone authorities do not require a local partner or sponsor. However, the appointment of company registration consultants in Dubai is required no matter where the company will carry out its activities.

The incorporation of a Dubai food manufacturing company must be done by complying with the Food Code in the UAE. Among the aspects to be considered when opening any type of business related to the processing of food are:

  • -          specific construction plans which must delimitate the floors, the ceilings and the walls for each section of the plant;
  • -          lighting and ventilation requirements;
  • -          the plumbing system and sewage and waste disposal lines;
  • -          the equipment used for manufacturing the food products.

Our company formation advisors in Dubai can offer information on the Food Code.

Licenses related to the opening of a company for the manufacture of food products in Dubai

The trade license is the first permit which must be obtained when opening any type of food business in Dubai, including a manufacturing company. Other special licenses must also be obtained from the Dubai Municipality which also imposes regulations related to the products, among which:

  • -          canning and packaging of food products;
  • -          labeling of food products;
  • -          the list of ingredients of the products;
  • -          the name of the company producing the goods which must be printed on the package;
  • -          the expiry date;
  • -          the bar code;
  • -          the storage and use instructions;
  • -          the net weight of the product.

For assistance in setting up a company for the manufacture of food products, please contact our company formation representatives in Dubai.



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