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Create a Company in Information Technology in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 10th May 2017

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Create-a-company-in-the-information-technology-sector-in-DubaiDuring the last decade, the use of Internet has increased considerably in Dubai. Moreover, during the last few years, the information technology sector has evolved even more as the authorities have started implementing systems which transformed Dubai into a smart city with many governmental agencies interconnected via the Internet. Dubai is also home to various free zones which cater to the needs of IT companies established in the country where numerous incentives are available.

Foreign investors interested in starting a business in the information technology industry in Dubai must also comply with various laws and regulations. Our Dubai company formation consultants can offer information on the legislation applicable for IT companies.

Registering an IT company in Dubai

The first thing to consider when setting up a company in the information technology sector in Dubai is where the business will carry out its activities: in Dubai or in one of its free zones. Dubai Internet City, Dubai Knowledge Village and Dubai Outsource Zone are just three of the free zones appropriate to set up companies in the information technology sector in the emirate.

While onshore IT companies must register with the Trade Register in Dubai, free zone companies must register with the Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority (TECOM) in order to operate in a Dubai free zone.

Our company registration agents in Dubai can assist with the company formation procedures for both onshore and free zone companies in the IT sector.

Licenses for companies in the information technology sector in Dubai

There are two types of licenses a Dubai IT company can apply for:

  • -          a professional license;
  • -          a commercial license.

The professional license is available for those creating software or other IT programs, while the other enables companies to sell their products.

Considering the development of e-commerce and the recent regulations for this type of companies to carry out activities in the online environment, IT companies can also buy and register domain names in Dubai.

For full information on the requirements to set up a business in the information technology industry in Dubai, please contact us. We can also help with the company incorporation procedure in Dubai.



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