Create a Consulting Company in Dubai

Updated on December 7,2018
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Create-a-consulting-company-in-DubaiThe high number of foreign investors coming to the UAE has led to the development of various industries. Among these industries is consulting. The rise of the consulting sector in Dubai is due to the investors coming from European and Western countries who are unfamiliar with the legislation and requirements applicable in the Middle East.

Those who want to set up a consultancy company in Dubai are not required to comply with a specific legislation, however obtaining certain qualifications or entering local associations recognized by the government will increase their success rate. Our company formation agents in Dubai can offer information on the requirements to set up a consulting business.

What are the most successful consulting areas in Dubai?

The success of an industry is dictated by the times we live in and right now Dubai is one of the most important, if not the most important, financial center in the region. This calls for a great number of accountants, auditors and bookkeepers who can provide consulting services on all sorts of matters.

The Dubai government has also invested a lot in new technology and modern services based on IT structures which makes information technology one of the most successful industry at this moment. Offering IT consultancy services is another good business idea.

Also, Dubai is one of the wealthiest emirates of the UAE, and those with a law degree can offer wealth management and estate administration consulting services. Company registration services are also quite sought in Dubai.

How to register a consulting business in Dubai

First of all, a foreign citizen must appoint a local consultant to handle the incorporation process of the company. Once the residence permit is obtained, the owner can offer their own consulting services in Dubai or one of the free zones.

The licenses to be obtained when creating a consulting company in Dubai are the professional license or the commercial license.

The Dubai company formation procedure can be completed by our local agents; however, the business owner will need to consider aspect like promoting the consulting company and creating a database with potential clients.

If you want to open a consulting business in Dubai and need assistance, please feel free to contact us.