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Holding Company in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Holding companies are legal entities incorporated by local or foreign investors with the aim of possessing shares or other assets in other companies. The UAE allows the incorporation of holding companies in all its Emirates. Under the Dubai Company Act, foreign investors are allowed to register holding companies under different forms. However, a Dubai holding company is not allowed to carry out business activities such as providing services or manufacturing goods. The main advantage of the holding company is that it lets its owner in control of other companies.

Types of holding companies in Dubai

One of the greatest advantages of setting up a holding company in Dubai is that the local Government allows for a wide variety of legal entities to be incorporated as such. There are two large categories of holding companies in Dubai:

  • -          the onshore holding company,
  • -          the free zone holding company.

In order to register an onshore holding company a foreign investor must have a local partner who will own 51% of the company. Holding companies in Dubai free zones, however, are allowed to have 100% foreign ownership. If you need assistance in setting up a holding company in Dubai, you can request the services of our company registration agents.

For more information on Dubai holding companies, please watch the video below:

The functions of holding companies in Dubai

Like any other Dubai company, the holding company must have a director or a management board depending on its type. The company management must set out the regulations of the holding company and supervise its activity. Considering holding companies may also open subsidiaries in Dubai, the management is also in charge with their supervision. The management must also ensure the holding company has the necessary capital to operate.

The advantages of holding companies in Dubai

Taxation is perhaps the best advantage of opening a holding company in Dubai: the Government levies no corporate taxes. Also, the following types of entities can be used to set up holding companies in Dubai:

  • -          limited liability companies,
  • -          joint stock companies,
  • -          partnerships,
  • -          free zone companies.

There are no minimum share capital requirements for opening limited liability companies, while for joint stock companies the minimum amount accepted is 10 million AED.

You can contact our  company formation  agents in Dubai for more reasons to open holding companies in the UAE.





  • Mahbubul Haque Sufyani 2015-04-30

    Dear Sir, I am Mahbubul Haque Sufyani from Dhaka Bangladesh .I am keen to know about a holding company formation in Dubai. I need to know the following 1.Can this be mandatory to have U.A.E nstional as partner? What % he will hold and what would be his investment contribution? 2.what is the minimum paid in capital requirement in Usd to incorpirate such holding firm in Dubai 3.Is this company 100% tax exempted? 4.after formation can this company receive inward remittances from any foreign lender or investor? After receiving such investment as loan such holding company is keen to remit back in Bangladesh as in investment in Local holding and venture equity firm to maintain and manage portfolio business. 5.Does UAE Government banking ruke and law supports such free trade and receiving and outward remitting money to a third country like bangladesh? 6.what is the minimum paid in capital requirement for such LLC holding firm in Usd snd what is the amount that requires to deposit as goverment fees for such company to form? 7.What is the amount of money to deposit to open account and which bank can you arrange? 8.What is the fees your company will charge for company incorporation and opening bank accounts? I need confirmation on inward and outward remittances whether it is freely possible of have regulation? 9.Do we need to visit or physically present to incorporate such company and bank account? many days it takes to incorporate such a company and opening bank accounts? 11.If physically needs to be present to form or bank account to open what is the minimum days of stay requires? Await your sooner reply. Thanks & Regards Mahbubul Haque Sufyani +88 01713335110

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