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Updated on Sunday 19th June 2016

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Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates’ 7 most prolific cities and also one of the most important and influential of them, alongside Abu Dhabi. Dubai is the commercial hub of the Emirates and it has become a synonym of luxury and sophistication. Foreign investors are attracted to Dubai and choose to invest there because of its enormous potential and promising future.


Why invest in Dubai

Dubai attracts people from all over the world. Foreign investors benefit from very attractive tax incentives. Dubai has an important number of free trade zones that offer many financial incentives, including:

  • - exemption from corporate taxes for a certain amount of time,
  • - no personal income taxes,
  • - the complete repatriation of profits and capital,
  • - no minimum capital for investments,
  • - no need for a local business partner when opening a company

Dubai is an important import and export centre and a hub for the trade of commodities such as: gold, precious metals, diamonds, pearls and other luxury jewelry and, of course, important energy resources, such as natural gas and oil.

Dubai has a fast growing economy and its real estate market is one of the fastest growing in the world. Depending on the amount they are willing to invest in real estate, entrepreneurs in Dubai may find that their options are overwhelming. Our company formation agents in Dubai can help you with detailed information about the legislation related to foreign investments.

You can also watch the video below on the main reasons to invest in Dubai:

The most attractive industries to invest in Dubai

Among the most attractive industries in Dubai at the moment are:

  • -       real estate,
  • -       retail,
  • -       financial services,
  • -       tourism,
  • -       research and development,
  • -       innovation.

The above industries are currently among the most sought because they offer huge untapped potential to international players and many of them also benefit from various incentives granted by the Government. The Dubai Government is seeking to expand its economy outside the oil and gas zone which is why foreign investors deciding for new business opportunities could find them in the UAE.

Whether setting up a company in Dubai or in one of its free zones, foreign enterprisers can take advantage of numerous benefits.

One of the best free zones is considered the Dubai International Financial Centre which has been recently commended for the excellent services and infrastructure it provides for the international business community.

A hub for international businesses

Depending on how long you are willing to live and work in Dubai, you will need to obtain a special permit for living and working there. 

Dubai is becoming an important location for foreign investors and has seen one of the swiftest developments. The high quality of life attracts many young entrepreneurs and many multinational companies have established branch offices or subsidiaries in Dubai. The workforce in the emirate is talented.

Dubai’s economy was built on its resources of oil, but the emirate is now renowned for its strong influence in trade and finance activities, tourism, shopping and entertainment. If you want to invest in the luxurious Dubai, please contact our company formation agents.




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    This article just convinced me to invest in Dubai!

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