Open a Company in the Healthcare Sector in Dubai

Updated on March 30,2020
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Open-company-in-the-healthcare-sector-in-DubaiHealthcare is one of the recently developed industries in Dubai. The last several years have brought a significant growth of the healthcare sector as the number of foreign professionals, among which doctors and nurses, relocating to Dubai and starting their own businesses has increased considerably. The creation of Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone also enabled the development of this industry.

Foreign investors interested in starting a business in the healthcare industry in Dubai can do that in the emirate or in Dubai Healthcare City where various incentives are available. Our company registration agents in Dubai can offer information on the legislation covering the healthcare sector.

Registering a business in the healthcare industry in Dubai

The first step to set up a medical practice is to register a company with the Dubai Companies Registrar based on a set of pre-established documents. Our company incorporation consultants in Dubai can assist with the preparation of these documents.

Secondly, one must apply for the necessary licenses to start operating the healthcare company in Dubai. There are two aspects to take into account when starting a business in the Dubai healthcare sector:

  • -          one can set up a medical practice which implies obtaining a professional license;
  • -          one can register a company which will produce a medical equipment or pharmaceutical products which implies obtaining a manufacturing license.

Our company formation agents in Dubai can offer more information on how to obtain special licenses related to the healthcare industry.

Applying for a healthcare license in Dubai

Foreign investors who want to open companies in the healthcare sector in Dubai must pay attention to the qualifications of the personnel providing medical services. The following licenses can be obtained by those practicing a medical profession in Dubai:

  • -          a general practice license;
  • -          a physician license;
  • -          a dentist license;
  • -          a nurse license;
  • -          an allied healthcare professional license;
  • -          clinical operating permit.

The licenses listed above are issued by the Dubai Health Authority (if the company operates in Dubai) or by the Dubai Healthcare City Licensing Board, if the company operates in the free zone with the same name.

For full information on how to start a business in the healthcare sector in Dubai, please contact us.