Open a Dubai Business for Selling Coffee,Tea and Spices

Updated on December 7,2018
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Open-a-Dubai-business-for-selling-coffee-tea-and-spicesRetail is one of the most successful sectors of the Dubai economy, as the population here is made up of locals and foreigners with a great purchase power. Retail is also powered by the large number of visitors interested in the local habits, including in purchasing traditional products, such as tea, spices and even coffee. This is why the Dubai Spice Market, known as the Dubai Souk, is one of the most visited places in the emirate. Here, vendors sell all sorts of spices, herbs, tea and coffee from large baskets.

Foreign investors can also set up shops and sell various products, among which coffee, spices and tea, by complying with the local legislation and obtaining the necessary licenses. Our Dubai company formation agents can offer information on the requirements related to selling coffee, tea and spices.

Registering a coffee, tea and spices shop in Dubai

There are two types of structures recommended when setting up a coffee, tea and spices business in Dubai: the sole proprietorship and the limited liability company. The business form should be chosen based on the size of the company and the share capital the owner is willing to invest.

Foreign investors can set up their shops in Dubai mainland or one of the free zones, in which can they have total control over the business.

The company registration procedure of the coffee, tea and spices shop must be completed with the Department of Economic Development and can be carried out by our company incorporation advisors in Dubai.

Licenses for selling coffee, tea and spices in Dubai

The most important license which must be obtained by companies selling coffee, tea and spices in Dubai is the trade license which must be obtained when registering the business. Following that, import or export licenses are required only if the products are meant for these purposes.

Foreign enterprisers are also allowed to set up their shops in Dubai Spices Souk, however they are recommended to purchase the goods they want to sell from locals.

If you are interested in setting up a shop for selling coffee, tea and spices in Dubai, do not hesitate to contact our local consultants. We can guide you through the company incorporation and licensing procedures.