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Set Up a Rental and Leasing Company in Dubai

Updated on Monday 04th December 2017

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Set-up-a-rental-and-leasing-company-in-DubaiAccording to global surveys, one of the industries to develop by 2021 is the car rental and leasing industry. The automotive industry is currently one of the most powerful at worldwide levels thanks to the latest developments which includes innovation.

The UAE is no stranger to the automotive industry, especially when considering Dubai which is home to some of the richest men in the world who own impressive car fleets. A particularity about Dubai is the increasing number of tourists who prefer to rent cars when travelling here, while those relocating here for work enter into leasing contracts when buying cars.

If you want to start a rental and leasing business in the emirate, you must comply with various requirements our Dubai company formation consultants can explain.

How to set up a rental and leasing business in Dubai

The business plan is one of the most important aspects related to starting a car leasing and rental business in Dubai. Choosing the right place for the parking lot which offers good visibility and the marketing of the business are only two of the aspects to consider.

Then, the legal requirements must be met:

  • -          registering the company;
  • -          obtaining the necessary permits with the local authorities;
  • -          purchasing the car fleet;
  • -          insuring the cars.

The insurance is mandatory when opening a rental and leasing company in Dubai.

Services offered by car rental and leasing companies in Dubai

Among the services which can be offered by car rental companies in Dubai are:

  • -          corporate rental services;
  • -          individual rental services;
  • -          transport services;
  • -          leisure services.

In the case of leasing companies, these can also target their services towards individuals or companies seeking to buy cars in Dubai.

Regulations for car rental and leasing businesses in Dubai

Dubai car rental and leasing companies must have rental offices, as required by the Road Transportation Authority. Then, companies must take into account the following rules:

  • -          they cannot retain the identification documents of the clients;
  • -          all documents pertaining to the rented car should be handed to the client;
  • -          the services offered by the company must be defined in a contract which will be signed by both parties;
  • -          clients can rent cars against a financial deposit.

For assistance in setting up a rental and leasing company, please contact our company incorporation advisors in Dubai.



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