Taxation of Companies in Dubai Health Care City

Updated on December 7,2018
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Taxation-of-Companies-in-Dubai-Health-Care-CityDubai Health Care City is the only Dubai free zone established by the local government for the healthcare industry in the emirate. Many international companies have established presences in Dubai Health Care City once for the state of art infrastructure and facilities they are offered, secondly for the dedicated services they can benefit from and third for the tax exemptions they are granted.

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Taxes imposed to companies in Dubai Health Care City

It is important to know that both foreign individuals and companies are allowed to set up various types of companies in Dubai Health Care City. However, the activities they are allowed to carry out are restricted to the healthcare industry. It is also known that taxation of companies in Dubai refers to the taxes imposed to companies in the oil and gas, and the banking industries, therefore Dubai does not impose any corporate taxes to companies in other industries, such as healthcare.

Foreign companies and individuals setting up companies in Dubai Health Care City should know that even if they are not liable for taxation here, they could be subject to the taxes imposed by the authorities in their home countries, among these are business profits, dividend and interest payments.

Tax exemptions for companies in Dubai Health Care City

As any other free zone in Dubai, the Technology and Media Free Zone Authority in Dubai Health Care City has provided for several tax incentives in order to attract foreign investors. Among these are:

  • -          corporate tax exemptions;
  • -          tax-free repatriation of profits.

The tax exemption for companies has a validity of 50 years and can be renewed. The local authorities also provide for tax exemptions on customs duties. The only payments a foreign investor opening a company in Dubai Health Care City must be aware of are the business registration fees and the share capital required to set up the company.

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