The UAE to Invest in Agricultural Technology

Updated on August 24,2018
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Food safety is one of the greatest concerns of countries around the world, which is why the UAE has already started to prepare for enhancing the security of food supplies and by 2071 it plans to become the most food secure country at a global level. For this purpose, the UAE has already started investing in agricultural technology and new farming techniques. Our company formation agents in Dubai can help foreign investors who want to set up companies in agriculture.

The UAE to improve food safety standards

Food safety and security is seen as one of the largest issues of our days and many countries have started taking measures in order to make sure that the future will not bring any difficulty from this point of view.

The UAE is one of the most advanced countries in the world when it comes to the standards imposed on food suppliers, however, the government has started developing new plans which include enhancing the security and safety of food. This one of the most ambitious plans of the UAE considering that by 2071 the central authorities aim at becoming the world’s most secure country in terms of food.

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Desert and vertical farming in the UAE

One of the advantages of the UAE is that it already is one of the most developed countries in the world when it comes to technology which can be put at the disposal of agricultural companies and food producers and processors.

The above-mentioned plan aims at further investments in agricultural technology which implies desert farms and floor-to-ceiling, also known as vertical farming. Through these new technologies, the UAE plans on significantly reducing its dependence on imported food by 2021. Dubai, for example, now imports 80% of the food and beverages consumed by locals.

In 2017, the UAE was the 33rd most food secure country at a global level out of the 113 states assessed, which is why the government plans on entering the top 20 most food-secure countries by 2021.

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