UAE and China to Strenghten Economic Cooperation

Updated on July 26,2018
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The UAE has good economic relations with China and over the years the two countries have cooperated in many sectors. This is why the two governments have agreed to expand this cooperation in new industries and start new partnerships in others. Among these industries are the financial, the renewable energy, and innovation and transfer of technology. Our company formation agents in Dubai can advise foreign investors who want to open companies in the UAE.

The UAE to extend overall economic partnership with China

The UAE and China have cooperated many times in the past and given the positive results of those times, the two governments agreed on the expansion of this cooperation at a higher level. Moreover, the cooperation will be expanded to new industries, among which:

  • -          economy and finances;
  • -          education and science;
  • -          renewable energy and water;
  • -          innovation;
  • -          oil and gas.

The cooperation will be extended at political and cultural levels, also. The two countries have agreed on improving the movement of citizens between the two countries.

The Chinese have also expressed their desire for the UAE to be part of the Belt and Road Initiative which will tie several continents. The new road would improve trade and investment across the region and would help both countries from an economic point of view.

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The UAE, one of the most influential countries in the Middle East

The current international situation calls for changes and improvement of cooperation between countries, which is why the UAE is very important for China when it comes to partnerships. The UAE is currently one of the most important and influential economies in the region, which makes it a great business partner.

The new partnership will help both countries but will also support the establishment of sustainable trade and investment between Chinese and UAE companies. From this point of view, the private sector will benefit the most, as the UAE-China Business Committee plans on creating platforms which will enhance partnerships in the logistics, transport, renewable energy, science, healthcare, and technology.

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