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ZonesCorp in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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ZonesCorp in DubaiZonesCorp or the UAE Industrial Park was established by the United Arab Emirates’ corporation for specialized economic zones. ZonesCorp is responsible for the foundation, management and operations within these economic zones and is in charge with the development of the industrial infrastructure and the creation of a competitive business environment. ZonesCorp’s main responsibility is to drive economic diversification with the UAE. Foreign companies wanting to establish a company within one of the specialized economic zones developed by ZonesCorp will benefit from important incentives.

What are the main objectives of ZonesCorp?

One of the main objectives of ZonesCorp is to conclude public-private partnerships with other companies in order to enhance economic development. ZonesCorp is also in charge with the promotion of local industries in order to help the UAE to diversify its income sources. ZonesCorp will develop the infrastructure in various industries for both local and foreign investors to benefit. ZonesCorp mainly encourages the creation of small and medium sized companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi by providing operational incentives. Investors are also helped to attract skilled workforce.

A key benefit provided by ZonesCorp is that companies will be helped to expand their businesses in other neighboring states.


ZonesCorp Free Zone

ZonesCorp Free Zone is divided into five different zones:

  • - ICAD I,
  • - ICAD II,
  • - ICAD III,
  • - Al Ain Industrial City,
  • - Worker’s Residential Cities.

ICAD I is dedicated to the establishment of companies in the manufacturing, engineering and processing of construction materials sector. ICAD II and ICAD III welcome the creation of companies in the manufacturing and processing of wood, oil and gas and chemicals.

Al Ain Industrial City is located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and welcomes investors looking to set up companies in the light and medium manufacturing sectors, such as the textiles, the plastics and food industries. Worker’s Residential Cities were developed to accommodate the employees of companies within the ZonesCorp Free Zone.

Our agents in Dubai may help you register a company within the ZonesCorp Free Zone. For information about the incentives provided by ZonesCorp, you may contact our company incorporation agents in Dubai.




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